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Onwards and Upwards

14th 15th 21st & 22nd April 2023

Company Downside Up’s debut performances of Onwards and Upwards, premiered 4 shows over a two week festival of presentation of new works by graduates from Circomedia’s degree programme. The performances showcased ideas that the students had explored and developed during their Final Major Project module, where they were required to create an independent performance piece for a public audience. The audience was treated to a range of performances that drew upon everything these talented individuals had learnt during their time at Circomedia. They combined their physical theatre and specialist circus skills with their unique artistic interests and distinctive approaches to performance to create an exhilarating display of their new work.

FRIDAY 14th April

Sea Fever

Presented by Kezia Berret & Liwanu Dodangoda Arachchi

A performance is a physical representation of the poem Sea Fever by John Masefield. It is a journey to find freedom.

What Lurks in the Tulgey Wood?

Presented by Bee Kirkwood

“If we suppress how we truly feel, what will we become?”  This piece is an exploration into masculinity and society’s pre-conceptions of what a man should be. Inspired by the true stories of men, Bee’s life and Lewis Carrolls “Jabberwocky”.  

Dropped Calls

Presented by Natalie Ward

Welcome to tonights performance of ‘Dropped Calls’. A reminder that all phones should be turned on and up to full volume and should you be required to answer a call please do so at your own discretion. Thank you, we hope you enjoy the show!

Saturday 15th April


Presented by Hannah Coughlan

‘Sorry, my cat stepped on my keyboard.” 

(this performance contains haze)  

Fingers Crossed Removals Co

Presented by Marcus Pumphrey & Harry Taylor-Page

“Need it gone? We’ve got you covered!“ (Warning: May contain backflips)

Oddly Beautiful

Presented by Annie Wilson

A physical representation of an inner monologue and personal story of growing up and finding her feet in a neurotypical world not necessarily designed for her creative colourful mind… 

FRIDAY 21st April

Fanatic Chaos

Presented by Bethany Saunders

Bethany has been exploring Fan Juggling… not everything goes to plan… can she regain control over the chaos? How will the unexpected be dealt with? 

Yes, the title is a fan pun.  It was intentional. 


Presented by Liwanu Dodangoda Arachchi

“If you are feeling disheartened, that you are somehow not enough, set your heart ablaze. Dry your eyes and look ahead. You may feel like digging your heels in. But the flow of time waits for no one, it won’t patiently stand by as you grieve. Everything ends but nothing is ever forgotten, not really.” 

The Wolf

Presented by Ruben Campbell-Paine

Why do we fear that which is an innate part of our being?  
‘The Wolf’ explores our relationship with anger through storytelling, song and circus. 

Saturday 22nd April


Presented by Charlie White

Everything we are was made in the core of a Star.


Presented by Louise Tiphaine

A land where all the “what if’s” have wondered…  

A weird and poetic last-throw of experimentations.  

Note to self: trust the process 

Dodecagon (A Snippet)

Presented by Company Downside Up

Our Pathways And Possibilities Intersect, One Angle At A Time.