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Onwards and Upwards: Saturday 15th April

Get Ready to be Wowed: A Night of Circus Performances You Don’t Want to Miss!

Are you ready for an evening of unique and thrilling performances? Join us on Saturday 15th April for an unforgettable night of theatre.

First up is ‘aptj4hw3h’ presented by Hannah Coughlan. Don’t be fooled by the name; this performance is far from ordinary. With a mysterious title and a description that reads “Sorry, my cat stepped on my keyboard,” this show promises to be intriguing and captivating. Just be sure to brace yourself for the haze!

Next, get ready for ‘Fingers Crossed Removals Co.’ presented by Harry Taylor-Page and Marcus Pumphrey. This show is not your typical moving company – this duo takes it to a whole new level. From incredible acrobatics to gravity-defying backflips, they will leave you wondering how they do it all. If you need it gone, they’ve got you covered!

Finally, “Oddly Beautiful,” presented by Annie Wilson, is a physical representation of a personal story about growing up and finding her creative footing in a world that’s not always accepting of differences. With a colourful and imaginative approach, this performance is both inspiring and captivating.

All three performances offer something different, showcasing the range of creativity and talent within the theatre community. Follow them on Instagram for more information. Don’t miss out on this exciting night of theatre on Saturday 15th April, Onwards and Upwards.

See you there!