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Company Downside Up

Our Company

We are Company Downside Up, the 3rd Year students of Circomedia’s BA Circus and Physical Theatre Degree Course.

Our company is committed to making fun and exciting circus for everyone.

Company Members

Meet Louise! (she/her)

Role: Director
Louise decided to befriend the rope and the two of them have been inseparable since. She loves to explore rope manipulation and the relationship between them. Louise also does a very good pigeon impression.

Meet Bee! (they/them)

Role: Dramaturg
Bee is an aerial cloud artist and physical theatre performer. Their hobbies consist of playing the guitar and singing at the top of their lungs! Fun fact: they learnt how to drive steam engines at 8 years old.

Meet Charlie! (she/her)

Role: Producer
Charlie does aerial straps and acrobatic dance. She is also a massive musical theatre, marvel and Lord of the Rings nerd and is obsessed with spreadsheets.

Meet Nat! (she/her)

Role: Music Director
Nat is an interdisciplinary performance artist, incorporating circus, music and theatre. She specialises in manipulation, drawing on inspiration from clown and comedy in her cabaret, festival performances and walkabout acts.

Meet Tom! (he/him)

Role: Rigger & Lighting Designer
Tom is an acrobat and juggler from North Wales. His hobbies are climbing high things, playing Lord of the Rings on the penny whistle and eating food. He’s our resident tech extraordinaire and fun fact: he’s one of the only qualified Bubbleologists in the UK.

Meet Hannah! (she/her)

Role: Marketing Team
Hannah is an aerial silks artist with a background in dance. When she is not in the air, she is most likely crocheting and obsessing over cats.

Meet Liwanu! (he/him)

Role: Choreographer
Liwanu started the Youth Circus at Circomedia from the age of 6 and carried it on through the BTEC, FDA and now the BA. He specialises in solo and double acrobatics. He can burp the alphabet backwards

Meet Kezia! (she/her)

Role: Marketing Team
Kezia is an acrobatics flyer and trapeze artist with a gymnastics background! She is a Harry Potter fanatic

Ruben (He/They)

Role: Prop Maker
Ruben hails from Scotland and loves to dabble in all sorts of circus, you’ll find them either lifting somebody, upside down, or climbing whatever they can. They have a background in theatre performance and music and are particularly interested in the fusion of circus and theatre.

Meet Bethany! (she/her)

Role: Choreographer
Bethany started at Circomedia as a BTEC in 2017. She specialises in aerial hammock, aerial hoop and juggling. She enjoys word games and puzzles

Meet Harry! (He/him)

Role: Circus Design
Harry is an aerial straps artist and acrobat specialising in tumbling and duo acrobatics with his partner Marcus. When he’s not spinning around or being thrown in the air you can find him bouldering in the cheddar countryside or at the pub!

Meet Annie! (sHe/her)

Role: Costume Design
Annie has been doing circus for 13 years, she specialises in dance trapeze, dance and straps. She enjoys music and foraging and living the main character moment.

Meet MArcus! (He/him)

Role: Movement Director
Marcus is a juggler and an acrobatic bass. He enjoys music and he can solve Rubiks Cube in 30 seconds